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VIMZZ is the first mobile app panic button in the world that allows the live streaming between the user and a security company control room.

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What is VIMZZ

Vimzz is a mobile app that allows users to live stream their mobile phone video footage to their relevant security company in moment of insecurity. The live stream footage will be visualised at the security company response center and will be able to dispatch a unit to the location where the user depending on the nature of the emergency. Vimzz has been built to allow users to instantly send visuals of the distress situation they are in while the security company is able to determine the exact nature of the emergency and adequately dispatch the required help. 

Benefit Of VIMZZ For Security Companies

New User Acquisition

Acquiring customers is expensive, hence it is important to offer your potential customers additional solutions that can make the acquisition process much more affordable. Vimzz provides the ability to offer new and innovative safety features to your potential users. 

Vimzz has been built with the security company in mind. This requires the process of finding ways to keep the user on the platform for longer. The more the user engages with the platform, the less chances there are for them to leave the platform. Because the platform is associated with a security company, it is therefore easier for them to retain their existing customer. The financial benefit of encouraging user engagement with the app assists private security organizations with the profitability aspect of their business.

Vimzz is an evolutional platform and we will be looking forward to create ways to further monetize the users. It is imperative for businesses to find additional ways to increase their revenue. By involving users in the movement of ensuring their safety, participation will be promoted, thereby increasing the possibility of continued use of the platform. Vimzz may be considered a financial investment for your organization since the users of the platform present opportunities to become clients who require other services provided by the security organization. Users of the platform therefore symbolize financial gain for the security company, enhancing their capacity to be a lucrative force in the private security industry.

How Can VIMZZ Help

Vimzz is the first mobile app panic button in the world that allows the live streaming between the users and a security company control room. 

Danger Averse

One of the most notable features of Vimzz is its ability to capture user interaction live and record the event, which makes the offender think twice before hurting the victim.

Easy and Fast Case Assessment

The live stream of an incident will give the security company full capacity to view what is happening at a particular location and decide what action needs to be taken.

Vimzz - UI

Easy Location Identification

The combination between the GPS location and the visual footage gives a more precise picture of where a user could be located.

Eliminate False Alarms

With Vimzz live streaming, there is little or no chance of a false alarm – there will be no dispatching of personnel unless the security company takes the decision for further action, according to the severity of the situation.

How it works?

Vimzz is a simple platform built in cognisance of the user and the security company. We had one thing in mind, making this platform simple and intuitive in its use and application.


Panic Button Engage

As soon as the user engage with the panic button, his mobile camera start recording what is happening in the scene.


Control Room

The control room automatically visualizes the alert as a timeline on their computer.



The security company can dispatch the appropriate security personnel, depending on the nature of the crime.

Why Choose Us

Vimzz has essentially been built to provide additional options for security companies to effectively protect their customers.

Quicker Response

A visual representation of what exactly is happening during an incident will allow the security company to dispatch the appropriate security guards.

Vimzz is a White Label

As a means for marketing and increased visibility for the security company, Vimzz will be branded with the logo of the particular security company operating it, as if it were their own creation. Every security company affiliated with the platform will have Vimzz labeled with their company name.

More Visuals

Because Vimzz provides live footage, security companies have multiple cameras available to them.

Easy to Use

Users are automatically loaded onto the system. There is no need for sign-up and registration. Users simply login after being loaded onto the system.

Fastest Panic Button

With just a click of a button, the associated security company is now able to send a precise response.

Save on Phone Call Cost

Less phone calls will have to be made

When Can You Use VIMZZ

Are you in an uncomfortable situation?

When a user is surrounded by individuals in an uncomfortable situation, all the user has to do is to launch the Vimzz panic button in order to capture everyone present in that particular area, as well as alert the corresponding security company that can eventually call the police. 

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Are you in a situation where you can't talk?

With Vimzz, the ability to live stream gives a huge advantage between us and the competition. There is no need to talk when requesting help. The control room can see and hear what is happening within your surroundings. 

Report a situation happening within your surroundings

Whenever a user sees a situation that needs to be reported, all they have to do after clicking on the panic button is to point the camera towards the scene and the control room will dispatch the necessary assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Vimzz is available only to security companies. The security companies then decide how they will charge the users of the platform for providing the service to them.

Vimzz is available only to security companies. The security companies then decide how they will charge the users of the platform for providing the service to them.

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